Bonpay – Global Solutions For Your Financial Freedom

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Bonpay – Global Solutions For Your Financial Freedom


Analyze the situation on the market, we made a conclusion that the time of the transaction and confirm the length, as well as the high exchange costs and complexity of the entire process on the market makes it harder to use the assets for business blockchain and individuals.

Bonpay able to do this by providing enough liquidity based on the interaction between several participants secure equivalent and the relationship of the various obstacles in a decentralized network. With regard to the funds of the people, transparency, the interest rate and the best value peruangan is the first principle that must be met. Bonpay builds his work only on concern it.

In the nearest time, Bonpay will also allow users to store and crypto and attracts a lot of coins with the benchmark with ease and low processing costs. Bonpay Wallet will be available on iOS and Android version and a live version of the web. Adding all these options will allow us, as a global blockchain solutions, to give you all the financial freedom to the user.

International money transfer through the DLN

The interface is easy to use. You will be able to control the movement of the funds with the help of the interface user-oriented Bonpay accounts: dashboard with charts and current information regarding tariffs, spending, transaction history blockchain, revenue streams etc. The measured history of your account payments are also available, so you can set your own expenses while in transit.

Customization of your account will also be empowered to set a limit on expenditure, daily limits, withdrawal conditions yourself. You can read more about the features of our account adjustments in unit “features the main product”.

0.15% of any payments made with the card user Bonpay. Prizes will be paid out every month so that each cardholder can also be the token holder and get an extra allowance.
Sustainability provided by Decentnalized Liquidity Network (DLN)

The possibilities without limits for the user kriptocurrency is his priority. Bonpay has developed a decentralized mechanism for realizing flexible payment and fast. To provide liquidity to our clients and minimize the risks associated with its shortcomings, we will use a network of Decentralized liquidity. The purpose of the DLN is to allow all attendees interacting with secure network with each other and at the same time making the payment with blockchain asset and any currency in a way that is faster, cheaper and more transparent.

Now users will spend a little more time to make payments and also the currency conversion. You can transfer and exchange currency with 125 funds with an interest rate between banks that are transparent and fair. This function will let you escape from a sharp exchange movements and quite transfer in the future.

So far, the Bonpay have a strong base to develop multiple currencies. We are trying to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat in everyday use after the principle of decentralization. The availability of multiple currencies serving the purpose to facilitate the payment and let you send and receive, spend money with a convenient currency only switch between currencies and choose the best available rate at no cost and regardless of the your location.

Credit options

thats is bonpay

Loan and investment is the main engine of progress during the past 500 years. Leading people for Team Bonpay financial freedom can not pass through the global development trends, and blocking users access to instruments of this progressive. Bonpay will expand the scope of its users, applying innovative approaches to the service, provide additional useful functions including line of credit, shipping expenses and improve conditions of the currency abroad.

Credit terms will be accessible via the web version and also through mobile applications. You can apply a credit limit on your account only. After loading the Bonpay credit cards with credit limits you into surgery. Bonpay intends to build a strong partnership with the company to meet the needs of clients fintech in savings, investments, credit. And along with it the DLN will give more choices to our users to join a global financial network that integrates cryptocurrency and fiat in real time.




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