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Founded in 2017, Coinvest is a legal for-profit company in the United States of America. The company operates in civic good for the blockchain and open-source communities, while obtaining a $4.99 trading fee upon any order within an investment portfolio. This is significantly lower and more predictable than the fees incurred with competing exchanges. For example, popular exchanges charge anywhere from .25 – 3% on all transactions regardless of amount or volume. As a result, a $5,000 order and 1% fee can result in an expense of $50.

Wallet API’s, future Apps, and the planned Coinvest exchange will enable additional streams of revenue. As more users leverage Coinvest’s protocol and the tools mentioned above, the ecosystem grows and transaction volume organically increases in parallel. Transaction revenue models for the financial services industry have proven to be effective and financially rewarding. For example, quarterly commission revenue for E-Trade exceeds $400M annually. Supporting millions of transactions through COIN token smart contracts becomes a lucrative return for Coinvest’s business, token asset holders, and the overall community.

PLEASE NOTE: 25% of company net profit is reinvested into additional cryptocurrency investments of stable and new alt coins to back future reserves. 50% of company net profit will be leveraged for the purchase and buybacks of COIN in order to ensure price stability and token asset holder value. The remaining 25% of net profit will be reinvested back into the Coinvest to support new product development and scale the overall business.

Coinvest And The Crowdsale?

The Coinvest crowdsale is a pre-sale offering of COIN tokens. Coinvest is offering its source code and tokens bundled together in this crowdsale.

We wanted to address this question first and foremost given the current ICO market conditions. Unlike many other crowdsale’s, we are not raising funds to start the development of Coinvest. Our company has been in motion since Summer of 2017 and the beta version of the platform is completed. We believe that it is our responsibility to build trust by demonstrating our capability and passion through action prior to raising funds (as opposed to asking the community to invest on risky projects with no product that may never come to fruition). Coinvest is a long-term full-time commitment for our team regardless of the outcome of the crowdsale.

Coinvest and the COIN token does not guarantee profit sharing, dividends, or make any commitments on payouts and returns for token holders. The COIN token does not represent voting rights or ownership within the company. The company may elect to offer token bonuses as a part of an incentivized reward system to award token holders and further drive the adoption of the COIN token and Coinvest tools. The incentivized reward system has not been defined and will be declared in the future.

Participating in the crowdsale guarantees you COIN tokens that you can use in the Coinvest ecosystem to execute smart contract investment transactions or purchase products and services from ecosystem partners. Early contributors of COIN are subject to bonuses, lower prices, and do not incur exchange fees from purchasing COIN on the secondary market in the future.

Funds raised from the crowdsale will be distributed as follows:

  • 44%: Crowdsale Reserve (Including Bonus)
  • 25%: COIN Reserve (Held in Smart Contract)
  • 10%: Ecosystem Development and Partnerships
  • 16%: Employee and Advisor Option Pool to Recruit and Retain Talent
  • 5%: Private Whitelist Reserve (Including Bonus)

Funds raised from the crowdsale will be distributed as follows:

  • 50%: Coinvest Secondary Reserve
  • 30%: Development
  • 10%: Marketing
  • 10%: Operations, Administrative, and Legal

Fourty-nine percent of the total token supply will be available for purchase during the crowdsale. Five percent will be offered during our private whitelist with a 25% percent bonus for early contributors. Meanwhile, forty-four percent of the total token supply will be sold during the crowdsale with a 10% bonus for supporters during that period. In order to build and grow our community, it’s imperative for the company to raise funds to support the development the Coinvest protocol, App, and fund the liquidity pool. Half of the funds raised from the crowdsale will be used for the secondary reserve to back the COIN reserve held in the smart contract.

Ten percent of the token crowdsale will be used for ecosystem development including funding developers to help build tools to ensure the security and scalability of the platform. We recognize that without a robust, secure protocol and platform, there are no investment opportunities. Without investment opportunities, there are no investors (customers). With no customers, there is no business. Without any of these components, there is no community and therefore the firm fails in its mission. The crowdsale enables Coinvest to grow and scale its team and develop a strong partner ecosystem.

Tokens will be distributed to crowd sale campaign supporters who use any Ethereum clients of choice to send funds to a crowdfunding contract address that will be announced on the day campaign starts. Campaign supporters should keep their private keys for the address they plan to use to send funds to the contract safe and secure. It will also be the address that also holds the Coinvest token balance.

Ethereum Platform For The COIN Token

Many service industries are led by older incumbents that are new to blockchain technology. As a result, convenience and simplicity are necessary in all applications and blockchain related use-cases. Coinvest has taken these factors into consideration upon developing its platform, token, and overall product roadmap.

Ultimately, solidifying Ethereum as the platform of choice for its token issuance strategy. With the community’s large and extensive support, Coinvest and the Coinvest protocol can ensure alignment with the latest developments and future roadmap for the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum is an open-source platform that facilitates the development of next-generation decentralized applications. Smart Contracts are a way of transporting anything of value — money, shares or data — without an intermediary. Thus enabling additional functionality to allow protocols to self-administer and self-execute specific instructions based upon conditions pre-programmed into the contract itself. Harnessing an already well-established standard and blockchain like Ethereum makes COIN token a robust, secure, and high performing asset.


By : Ashadiya_

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