LiveEdu – Developed product with a monetization model and seasoned team

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LiveEdu - Developed product with a monetization model and seasoned team

LiveEdu is an existing developed product with a monetization model and seasoned team. Dr. Michael J. Garbade leads LiveEdu as founder and CEO. The core team has worked together since the company launched: Alex Zhukov and Ilya Toka.

As a young team of business guys, educators, back-end engineers, front-end developers and tech marketers with work experience from Amazon, General Electric, Photobucket, Rebate Networks, Lashou and, the team has extensive sector domain expertise in the education and video streaming space.

As explained in the educational article “Differences Between Protocol Blockchain and App Blockchain Companies”, LiveEdu is by default, like 99% of companies running an ICO an app blockchain company.

We are building our blockchain smart contract technology on top of an existing blockchain, namely Ethereum, using ERC20 tokenization mechanics. LiveEdu is using similar blockchain smart contract mechanics to what Steemit uses.

We are building for the online education market what Steemit built for online publishing. We use EDU blockchain smart contracts in our network for payments and rewards. In about three years, after we have fully built out our external ecosystem, we will build our own protocol blockchain and migrate from the ethereum protocol.

The LiveEdu ecosystem consists of two networks, namely the internal ecosystem and the external ecosystem. The internal ecosystem participants are project creators (content creators), viewers (learners), community moderators, project quality moderators, and LiveEdu API application developers. The external ecosystem participants are businesses, schools, libraries, colleges and other online education companies.

The LiveEdu network is a classic model that is highly suitable for blockchain smart contract tokenization. The blockchain will decentralize key content, product and project development decisions that are made on both the supply and demand side. Tokenization will help LiveEdu build its network faster on both sides:

Supply side

  • LiveEdu does not create content itself, but provides a peer-to-peer project network that connects streamers to viewers from the whole world.
  • We plan to use tokenization as a key approach to solve our chicken-and-egg marketplace problem by incentivizing early project creators with a mix of EDU tokens and cash.
  • Tokenization will enable LiveEdu to bind content creators because, they will have a shared interest in the long-term value appreciation of EDU tokens.
  • We plan to use investors in the ICO, who have subject matter domain expertise, to create projects. Therefore we see the ICO as a way to build deep relationships with potential project creators.

Demand side

  • The success of LiveEdu will depend on creating content that viewers want to watch. So far, streamers have decided which projects to create, frequently deviating from what viewers want to watch. Tokenization will empower viewers as token holders to submit projects or vote on projects. This will transform LiveEdu from a supply-side-driven marketplace to a demand one.
  • Tokenization will enable LiveEdu to launch a native payment currency that is deeply embedded into the product and used for all payment transactions.
  • Tokenization will enable LiveEdu to reward site supporters, moderators and API ecosystem developers, using EDU tokens without spending any fiat upfront, which reduces business risk.

LiveEdu Adds CyberSecurity As New Topic as Suggested by ICO Contributors

As suggested by their ICO contributors, CyberSecurity has been added as a new topic for the 2018 launch of the revamped LiveEdu platform. This brings the total amount to eight (8) main topics, namely: Artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, Game Development, Data Science, Cryptocurrencies, Programming, Design, and Augmented and virtual reality.

The LiveEdu public sale starts from Jan 15th, 2018?—?Feb 10, 2018. Education (EDU) tokens can be purchased directly using ether (ETH), bitcoins (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies (via Shapeshift). Bonus starts from 20%.

The LiveEdu’s CyberSecurity topic illuminates why and how, in a world where we are more interconnected than ever before, information is constantly at a risk of being exploited and the means by which we can secure data. This new category follows the pattern of our previous seven (7) categories and includes several subcategories.

They are:

  • Ethical Hacking, which is hacking to help identify potential threats to a computer or network. The ethical hacker tries to bypass the system’s security and hunts for any weak points that could be exploited by malicious hackers.
  • Mobile Security, protecting mobile devices from malware threats and safeguards mobile devices and their data from theft, unauthorized access, and accidental loss
  • Malware?/Ransomware protection, helping to secure us from rogueware or scareware that restricts access to our computer system and demands that a ransom is paid in order for the restriction to be removed or malicious software that damages a computer.
  • Internet of Things Security, IoT security is the area of endeavor concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks in the Internet of things (IoT).
  • Cybercrime, illegal internet-mediated activities that frequently occur in global electronic networks.
  • Information Warfare, in the information-centric 21st century, there has developed a struggle in the information environment, with non-lethal attacks being aimed at an enemy’s information systems.

The addition of this new topic and subcategories demonstrates how dedicated LiveEdu is to ensuring that their ICO investors are involved in every key decision making for the LiveEdu platform. This process will continue for future topic and/or product features for the LiveEdu platform.


By : Ashadiya_

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