Arbidex Token and ICO Project

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Arbidex Token and ISO Project

Arbidex is carrying out an ICO project to quickly measure the platform and its services by launching some processes together at once like acquiring license and completing all of the legal procedure. Besides, the significant amount of the fund is allocate for platform development primarily to fix infrastructural problems and marketing. As a commercial platform, it is important that investors understand how Arbidex can produce fund for both development and operation of spending funds raised at ICO business scaling. The income is earned from customers order and profit shared from successful arbitrage transaction. If you are attracted to make investment using this platform, being informed further about token sale is necessary.

About Arbidex Token

About Arbidex Token

Arbidex use ABX token to access to do the trade in some exchanges. ABX token holders has an access to both main function of the platform and other additional functions that enable them to get extra profit from trading transaction and arbitrage. With the token users can pay lower commission in the main crypto exchanges. Besides, the limit to access Arbidex system is based on the number of token that the users have.

As mention earlier, ABX token also serves as an access to additional platform services. Arbidex uses integrator function to trade in cryptocurrency market. This is a part of automatic execution system in arbitrage strategy. In this system, the amount of deposit to work with the arbitrage mechanism is limited and depends on the number of token. If extra services are added later, they will be also available in larger version. Token also functions as a way to vote for the new assets listing. ABX token holders are able to vote using an independent exchange interface. Not only can the token used for listing, it can also be used for deleting tokens from the list.

What about the rate exchange of ABX-token? It is calculated based on average rate at the main exchange in the last three days. If the token value fall below the price of ICO of 1 USD, all of deposit token in the system is assumed to be at the ICO price. All expenses from every crypto asset basically depends on the situation in BTC/USD market.

Token value links directly with the number of exchanges for trade that connects to platform as well as with quality and profit from arbitrage system. The token offers opportunity to cut off trade commission in all exchanges together with integrated trade convenience. The result of arbitrage module operation also depends on the number of exchanges and trading pairs that has something to do with chain seeker algorithm. The more exchanges and trade pairs are connected, the bigger profits are made.

Reasons for Carrying out an ICO

In order to make sure the quickest platform scaling works well, Arbidex gain funds using crowd-funding approach. Right now, the ICO project is still ongoing and developing. Arbidex gain profits using MVP Platform. However, the deposits consist of conservative investors’ money that can only be used for arbitrage using their algorithm and cannot be invested in the platform development. At the moment, Arbidex has already have some traders who actively make use of arbitrage trade and integrated exchanges. However, in order to develop the business, they need marketing cost that’s not cheap. For those reasons, Arbidex is raising money from ICO project.

Why the ICO Project is Profitable

Why the ICO Project is Profitable

It has been explained above that Arbidex gets commission from orders and clients who implement arbitrage strategies. The objective of the project is to develop a professional trade platform where traders can get some advantages. The benefits for traders include income from arbitrage strategy implementation, reduced commission for crypto exchange instruction, and professional terminal.

Arbidex is very optimistic that their ICO project will benefit all parties involved, both for investor community and the platform business itself. The platform can get developers while investors will get some opportunities to earn income here. Basically the flow is like this: Arbidex collects funds for profitable project and investors earn profits from free-risk arbitrage after the ICO. The platform collects money for their business while the investors also earns profit in a transparent way. It is like a mutual symbiosis where both parties can enjoy the benefits.


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