Denaro Enables Users to Use a Physical Debit Cards for Crypto Payment

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Denaro Enables Users to Use a Physical Debit Cards for Crypto Payment

It should be admitted that cryptocurrency is still a baby and the fact is that many people are still not familiar with digital currency like cryptocurrency. For them, it is not an easy task to get started. Therefore, Denaro is here to make it easy for anyone to use cryptocurrencies especially in paying for services.

What is Denaro Platform?

Denaro incorporates a number of elements that can create a reliable ecosystem in a decentralized network. Those elements are blockchain technology, partners, and seamless payment gateways. This platform focuses on giving maximum benefits used to they can have transactions using cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money in a few minutes at lower rates. In order to make it happens, the platform is committed to providing high security of funds, transparency of transactions, competitive rates, and a fair exchange of value so it will continue growing bigger.

Denaro Roadmap

A good company is the one who has well-planned actions in running the business. Denaro has established the platform for approximately a year. It started with researching the market in February 2017 followed by planning some business strategies. In May 2017, the company started to look for private investors. After that, the company was registered in June. They hired some specialists to developed wallet beta. The wallet beta was accomplished then tested in July.

After that in August, the team prepared the whitepaper. The team used the rest of the year for preparing smart contracts and finishing security auditing for the smart contracts. On January 2018 the beta launch of Denaro web wallet is opened followed by ICO launching that started in February 2018.

Information about Denaro Token Sale

Denaro platforms use token named DNO. DNO tokens will support all transactions taking place in the network. Denaro is trying to make investors and token buyers attracted with DNO tokens by offering a wide range of bonuses, discounts, and rewards in the token sale. For example, if you are referring someone else to buy DNO, you will 3 percent of the total coins bought by your referrals. For example, let’s say your referral buys 300 DNO tokens. You will be granted 9 free DNOs. Imagine you can get not only one but many referrals.

Unfortunately, the pre-ICO sale has already ended but you can still join the crowdsale that has started on 9 February 2018. You can use various types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and the like. Even, Denaro also accepts fiat money in case you don’t use cryptocurrencies yet. There are 100 million of DNO tokens supplied for sales with one token is equal to 300 ETH. Why do you need to buy the tokens as soon as possible? It’s because the bonus given depends on the remaining tokens sold.

For the first 15 million, DNO sold, buyers will get 25 percent bonus. For the following 20 million tokens sold, the bonus decreases to only 10 percent while for the last 25 million token sold, there is only 5 percent bonus.


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