Helbiz : Introduce a Unique Mobility System in Car Sharing Market

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Helbiz Introduce a Unique Mobility System in Car Sharing Market

You must have been familiar with conventional rental vehicle service as this business has spread and developed widely. What about the existence of car sharing industry in a pure digital market? Have you ever heard about that? Since the great development of cryptocurrency, digital market has used a digital coin as a way of payment. Many companies are trying to provide innovation to provide a platform that can assist renters to get the right car via the online app and handled the payment. This is what Helbiz is doing. Before going further discussing this platform, let’s get to know closer to Helbiz.

Introducing Helbiz

Helbiz is a peer-to-peer platform that promotes services in rental vehicles whether it’s car, motorbike, or bike, in a convenient and affordable way. The business combines conventional approach to car sharing and a popular technology called Blockchain. Because the business is a kind of two-way interaction between renters and buyers, of course, there will be some data shared on the ledger. This data is secure due to the use of Blockchain technology.

In running the business, particular mobility system is used in the platform. Meanwhile, the platform itself is highly supported by Ethereum Blockchain. Payment is handled by HelbizCoin. Implementing cryptocurrency, Helbiz becomes the first company that utilizes digital coin in the whole transaction. It attempts to be the pioneer in facing the new era of transportation. Not only does Helbiz benefit renters and buyers, it also gives a reward to other accompanying companies that are being a part of this system.

How Helbiz Work

How Helbiz Work

You must be wondering how Helbiz runs the system to achieve its purpose particularly in managing all users and transactions. It is actually very simple. Using a clean design of the mobile app, users find it easy to follow the procedure. In the app, there is some clear navigation that helps users to access it. If you want to rent a car you can browse cars to seek a car available nearby. After selecting a car, the system will automatically verify your digital identity. Meanwhile, the car owner receives a notification telling that someone has selected your car to rent. Car owners should also get their identity verified.

Next, both renter and owner should agree to the terms as written on the smart contract. After that, you can access the car using the remote button on your smartphone. What about the payment? Because it’s cryptocurrency system, payment is carried out using digital currency. It benefits those who like simplicity in dealing with renting the vehicle.

How Helbiz is Different from Conventional Method

Helbiz is a more superior than a conventional method in almost all aspects such the marketing management, services, car sharing vehicle, etc. Let’s discuss the point one by one. First, Helbiz uses a HelbizCoin as the major crypto to use. Helbiz Mobility System requires users to convert main cryptocurrencies such as Ether or Bitcoin into HelbizCoin and they have to check the coin wallet. Meanwhile, the market management of traditional method is lack of privacy while Helbiz always puts safety in the first place.

What about the insurance? A conventional way of car sharing often has a current system that is not safe. On the contrary, Helbiz preserves privacy.

To conclude, Helbiz as a decentralized platform contributes to the crypto market to offers access to private vehicles. It attempts to create a convenient and cheap way to rent vehicles. In running the business, Helbiz relies on Blockchain technology but the approach still adopts the conventional one. Technology blockchain enables the platform to create a reliable community. To ensure privacy, personal details and recorded data are tokenized. In this way, privacy can be improved.

Smart contracts also function to assist, verify, or enforce performance of a list of rules. The system also uses Ethereum blockchain that is useful to increase the secureness of execution and registration of smart contract. The smart contract is available in a template form and it can be customized for your particular purpose in one click. In this way, users do not need to worry about the safety side of transferring funds. Lastly, Helbiz is so optimistic about the project. Helbiz is also convinced that in the near future, it can completely integrate mobile market ecosystem focusing on customer’s need.



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