What Current Wants to Offers to the Users

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What Current Wants to Offers to the Users

What do you think if you are paid when you stream from various networks such as YouTube, Spotify, or SoundCloud? It sounds interesting, right? Moreover, the payment will be in the form of digital tokens or cryptocurrency. Current as a blockchain based technology will facilitate such kind of activity well.

The Understanding about Current

As a new platform, Current is trying to offer a new digital currency known as digital tokens. Current is shared the digital tokens in the unique and fun way. The platform works with the help of popular online platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and many more. The digital tokens are given in the form of reward. The reward is for those who are shared and spent money, time, and data while streaming contents from those popular platforms. So, what do they can do with the digital tokens? A digital token looks like money in the real world. The difference is that you are receiving digital money or cryptocurrency. Just like real money, digital tokens can also be used to purchase any kind of products, services, and all you need. Due to this unique system and platform, Current has been used over 200.000 users along with great experience than before. It seems that you are using your favourite media to stream your best content and suddenly you receive rewards for your activity.

High-Performance Features

Current is using high-performance features to support its performance. For example, Current is supported by data point system in order to analyze and record the data automatically and accurately. The data recorded by the system is including the types, times, and topics which are chosen by the users of the popular platform. Moreover, Current is using the latest technology known as blockchain technology. Blockchain technology provides a new system so the calculation will be served transparently. As the result, the users know how much digital token they earn and how they receive those digital tokens. The users can also check all the details fast and easy to make sure that the result is accurate. The current latest protocol is also used to reach the interest of all the stakeholders. The idea to create network impacts to develop the platform significantly. This is also the way for the users to use better platform including when they want to pay for products they bought online. You don’t need to spend your cash money at all and just use the reward given by Current. To support this reward system, Current is also supported by digital wallet to save the token you earned. The wallet is also useful for easy to use token when you need to buy something or transfer it to your colleagues.

The Benefits of Using Current

Due to the explanation above, Current offers more benefits in the most convenient way. Just imagine, you just need to play with your favourite online platform and stream its contents. Then, you earn digital tokens which you can use just like real money. Because of that, curators and creators are able to get better compensation method. They don’t need to manage complicated requirements to get cash money because everything will be managed by the digital wallet. A digital wallet is similar to your bank account and even better. Current gives benefits for all users including advertisers by offering better accounting system. By using this platform advertisers are able to get more transparent accounting system and it makes them work maximally. One more benefit is that information spread wider than before. All parties are able to get audience information easily and faster so they can use it to achieve their goals.

How Current Works

The protocol is working simultaneously with Current to make the platform compatible with all popular online media which want to use it. Actually, the system also gives new revenue and inventive method. Slowly but surely, Current will be developed so the system is operated with Blockchain based. The interesting part is that the community or the users of this platform are allowed to develop the platform. In fact, the platform is trying to develop based on what the users needs. The final achievement is to serve user-friendly platform which provides them with digital tokens in the most comfortable way. Definitely, you don’t need to buy the token or even work to earn the token. What you need is playing the popular online media which connected to Current and check your digital wallet to calculate the digital token you earned.

Current Token & ICO

  • Token Symbol: CRNC
  • ICO Start: March 3, 2018
  • ICO End: April 4, 2018
  • Token Price: 1 CRNC = 0.24 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accept: ETH
  • Minimum contribution: 0.03 ETH
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD

Current Team

  • Dan Novaes – Co-Founder, CEO
  • Nick McEvily – Co-Founder, CPO
  • Kiran Panesar – Co-Founder, CTO
  • Josh Moyer – Business & Marketing Manager
  • Joseph Wagner – Lead Backend Engineer
  • Steven Lee – Lead iOS Engineer
  • Seamus Doheny – Curation Director Partner, Manifest Chicago
  • Brian Ng – Economist & Mathematician
  • William Ryan – Behavioral Economist, Stanford PhD
  • Steven Myers – Director of Security Programs, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Informatics, Indiana University
  • Amy Karr – Co-founder, Arclydia Group Forbes 30 Under 30 2x
  • Jill Richmond – SVP, SparkPR/ SparkChain
  • Shadi Paterson – Chief of Growth, The 8760
  • Ed Zitron – CEO/Founder EZPR Top 50 People in Tech PR 3x
  • Trey Ditto – Founder/ CEO, Ditto PR

Current Roadmap

Current Roadmap


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