Reasons Why Using AI Based Blockchain Is a Smart Thing to Do

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Reasons Why Using AI Based Blockchain Is a Smart Thing to Do

AI (Artificial intelligence) is something that we will regularly see in the near future. AI can change the human workflow by bringing the new relationship between machine and people. Some even say that the business and economic growth in the future may increase about 40% with AI’s contribution.

Dbrain: Blockchain based AI

AI is about 80% more of data and the rest is an algorithm. With this much of a data, AI can perform better. But to provide this lot of data, scientists spend more than a half of their time just to prepare it. This still needs a lot of human effort to complete. With this problem alone, Dbrain then provides a simple system and tools to make AI making process is easier and can give a win-win solution to all the participants.

By using a blockchain platform, Dbrain involved all parties in the making process of AI application. Dbrain partners with Micromoney, a provider of Fintech. Micromoney will determine the customer creditworthiness. Dbrain uses Ethereum blockchain as its base. The cryptocurrency they have is Dbrain coin (DBR), it’s for paying the crowd worker: labellers and AI programmers. Dbrain uses Subjective Proof of Work (SPOCK) for its crowd workers to validating and labelling the raw data.

While AI requires a lot of data and security, Blockchain is providing a large of datasets and also protection. With its encrypted data, this system is really hard to be a hack and manipulate. That makes AI and Blockchain a very good combination.

It’s a win-win solution for everyone

AI application product can be bought by businesses or others who need it. They can choose from the existing solution or they can also request from the developer on the Dbrain platform. So here’s the scheme in AI production:

  1. Data owner upload and host datasets on the platform. This step is still contained in raw and basic data. All the data still mixed and not classified and labelled yet.
  2. With SPOCK then the labellers crowd workers can start to do their job: labelling the data on the platform. It can be as simple as describing pictures, recognizing pictures or symbol, etc. after they finish their job, they can get DBR in return.
  3. When the data already well labelled, then the AI application programmer will begin their job. They use the data and matching with what type of application they will make, put some algorithm and finish it as a ready to use application. The App programmers will also get DBR in return.
  4. Businesses can choose what kind of application they need. They can get it from the existing application on the platform or requesting it to the programmers.

Tokens and cryptocurrency in Dbrain

As we know, Dbrain facilitates AI production at step by step into one big cycle that includes crowd workers, programmer and businesses. Crowdworkers and programmer play a big role in creating AI application from the very beginning until it ready to be used. Dbrain then rewarding then with cryptocurrency. Dbrain has its own currency called DBR.

Workers can work from anywhere and anytime. Dbrain targeted the crowd worker mostly from developing and emerging country. Internet user in developing country is high, and a lot of them willing and able to work. When transferring money can be hard when the employer and employee stand in a different country (it can cost a lot and need a lot of requirement) Dbrain makes payment system with cryptocurrency which is more stable and free of transfer cost.

This payment is not only for the labellers but also the programmer. All they need to have is internet connection and devices. They can access Dbrain platform through the web application and Telegram bot. It’s very easy and simple.

Dbrain provide a futuristic business model

Dbrain makes AI marketplace completed for all parties involved. The businesses and company can spend less cost by reducing data labelling, and everyone who wants to be crowd workers even without a bank account can join as well.

By Dbrain platform there might be more than 2 billion people included and get the reward fairly. And when Dbrain platform can get more recognition it will give more benefits to both sides. The request gets increased and the workers get more job and rewards.


By: Ashadiya_

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